Ice Bath for the Modern Home

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Ice Bath At Home With Temperature Control & Self-Cleaning

All Wooden Hand-Made UK Ice Baths

Made in the UK, entirely out of wood! Rot-resistant, sanitised, no plastic. The best cold plunge tub for your home and garden. Premium feel and natural thermal isolation!

Water Chiller For Your Ice Baths

Self cleaning and self filtering Chiller Unit with Ozone. Regulate the temperature for your cold water therapy, reaching a maximum low of 2 degrees celsius.

Inflatable & Portable Ice Baths

Our inflatable recovery ice baths are portable, durable, and perfect for any home or outdoor setting. Perfect for professional athletes that need recovery on-the-go!


Recovery and Endurance

Ice baths can improves your energy cell count by 200%. This equals better recovery and endurance.


Metabolism and Health

Self-regulate metabolic rate by taking ice baths? YES. Your body burns more calories to make heat. As a side effect, you burn fat!


Mood and Energy

After taking an ice bath you body actually makes a ton of Noradrenaline! It's a drug used to treat depression and anxiety but your body can make it. Now that's a real natural MOOD BOOSTER.

ice bath tub indoor set up with a chiller

Pool House

Indoor ice bath set up with a pro-chiller in pool house.
ice bath tub benefits in an indoor office

Office Chill

Iced Arc ice bath with a UltiM chiller set in indoor office.
hand made wooden ice bath tub outdoor garden set up

Garden Set Up

Iced Arc ice bath with UltiM Chiller outdoor garden set.
Ice bath tub recovery - tan line

Ice bath ''Burn''

That's what happens when you stay in 3 degrees C*.
Ice bath tub for outdoor garden.

Back Yard Set-up

Outdoor ice bath tub set-up.
The benefits of Ice bath recovery therapy sessions.

Commercial Use

Ice bath recovery therapy at the Arnold?

Frequently Asked Questions