Hand Made

handmade ice bath tubs for cold immersion, from the UK

The product Story

Let's dive into the creation of our ice tubs… You see our tubs were not made in a factory, they are not mass produced. NO! 

In fact every tub is especially assembled just for YOU.

Our ice tubs are made by master craftsmen. Its a craftsmanship profession passed from father to son, from master to apprentice, for hundreds of years. 

In fact our design was inspired by the minimalist beauty and practicality of the simple barrel.

The wood is alive and breathing; it stretches and compresses as you use your tub… You can tell the story of the wood by the rings left on the edges of the barrel, its entire life cycle is revealed to you by its light and dark colored rings left on each of our planks.

Our baths are durable, hand crafted, made to last for 20+ years

Above all made with love and tradition. Each product carries a bit of soul from its maker, which is then passed on you!

When you get your custom ice bath tub from us, YOU are getting a piece of art made by the hands of a master craftsman and YOU become a part of tradition!