Product Life

ice baths from wood

The wood we use in out ice baths is extremely durable, low maintenance and long lasting for years to come!

Here are the two types of wood we use.

Oak trees

Excellent strength and durability and Low maintenance

Although Oak is a medium density hardwood,  its strength and durability surpasses many other timber species.

Interestingly, there are around 600 varieties of Oak available from different parts of the globe, all from the northern hemisphere.

But not all varieties are very strong or durable.

Our Oak is sourced from Bulgaria, where the main two species are ‘Quercus Robur’ and ‘Quercus Petraea’. These two species are often exported to France, where they are sold and presented as French Oak, but in fact, most of the material comes from Bulgaria.

These great native Oaks are highly durable, unlike Turkey Oak (Quercus Cerris) and American Oak (American Red or Quercus Rubra and American White or Quercus Alba). 

As one of the most durable timber types available, our Oak requires very little maintenance, even over a prolonged period of time. Oak still reacts to the elements, but instead of causing damage, exposure enhances its already stunning aesthetic. 

Exposure to the sun for instance brings out a striking silvery look. Whilst exposure to rain causes a warm and blackened hue to form due to Oak’s high tannin levels mixing with rainwater.

Acacia Wood

Long lasting and extremely water resistant

We chose acacia wood for our baths, because it is both highly durable and water-resistantideal for heavy-use and frequent contact with liquids.

It is said that even if acacia wood isn’t treated or protected in any way, it can last up to 40 years!

It is deep brown in color with an attractive natural grain, giving a warm, rich touch to any place.

Acacia’s durability means it isn’t scratched easily, too, while its water-resistant properties means it won’t warp readily and is highly resistant to fungus. Like many types of wood, acacia is naturally antibacterial.

Which is better?

Both are perfect in terms of durability and product life! Only a few other species come close! We use both wood types in the production of our ice bath tubs, if you have a preference, you can specify it when you place your order, with our sales support!