Special Coating

ice bath UK special coating for longer life of the wooden material

We make your ice bath last for 20+ years

You will be taking your cold plunges for a very long time! 

iCedTub has experimented with bio based epoxy resins, to bring you the best, smoothest and long lasting ice bath tub for your cold immersion experience.

We coat the outside and inside of baths with 4 layers of bio based resin.

The process is long and it takes a week to fully cure. The epoxy we use is a new generation, environmentally enhanced, clear and waterproof epoxy system with over 50% of products molecular structure derived from plant and vegetable matter.

So what exactly is it doing for your ice bath tub?

  • Provides high UV resistance 
  • Gloss appearance of wood surface
  • Increased scratch resistance
  • Preserves the wood interior from mold formation
  • Adds antibacterial properties

We have focused on extending the lifetime and appearance of your ice bath tub, so it can look as good as the day you bought it 10 years from now!